Scrapping of cars

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Złomowanie samochodów

We run the licensed Vehicles Disassembly Station included on the list kept by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province Governor under the number C-33, based on the decision issued on
4 June 2008, reference number WŚRRW.III.DJ/662010/08.

We pay in cash for each complete vehicle! !

We provide the transport of vehicles to be scrapped.

Certificates and documents required for vehicle destruction

  • Vehicle with readable identification marks (VIN) and license plates;
  • Dowód osobisty właściciela pojazdu, dowód rejestracyjny pojazdu, karta pojazdu o ile była wydana
  • In the presence of co-owner or in the absence of the vehicle owner, the client is required to provide a written authorisation with a copy of the identity card of the owner.
  • If the vehicle is registered to a company, the client is required to provide business records (entry in the register or KRS [National Court Register], as well as authorisation for the company representative to scrap the vehicle.
  • If the registration certificate has been collected by the police authorities, the client is required to provide a certificate to scrap the vehicle from the relevant communication department or a certified photocopy of the registration certificate.
  • If the vehicle has been purchased and not registered to the new owner (registration certificate was issued to the previous owner); purchase agreement certified by the tax office.

Documents received after vehicle scrapping

  • Certificate of vehicle dismantling,
  • Invalidated registration certificate,
  • Invalidated vehicle card, if it was issued,
  • Invalidated license plates.

Within 30 days of the receipt of the certificate of vehicle dismantling, the owner of the vehicle is obliged to submit an application (in the relevant communication office) for deregistration of the vehicle.

Price list

type of scrap price [PLN/t] contamination
Cars from 3.5 tod 1200,000%
Cars to 3.5 tod 800,000%